Rebranding Aussie Walk-A-Bout to Americana Walk-A-Bout

5.5 Million grills ago, our first Aussie Walk-A-Bout rolled off the line in our Greeneville, TN manufacturing factory The Aussie Walk-A-Bout has been helping Americans create great memories with friends and family for almost 18 years. Now, in honor of our American manufacturing heritage, and millions of happy customers, we’re changing our name from the Aussie Walk-A-Bout to the Americana Walk-A-Bout. Here’s to you, America! We’re changing our name, but not the quality you have come to know and love. The same Go Anywhere, Grill Anything cooking companion – now with a name that better reflects who we are and what we love – the Americana Walk-A-Bout. Happy Grilling, America!

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  1. Julie Burns
    Julie Burns says:

    I was given your company name for a part I need for my Aussie grill. I need 2 tires. Could someone please contact me regarding this? Thank you. Julie Burns


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