The Must-Have Supply List for Successful Tailgating


Tailgating isn’t your average party. It’s a unique kind of get-together centered around friends, fun, and football – all from the back of a truck or SUV. Before you can have the tailgate party of your life, invest in certain tools and supplies to guarantee a successful event. Food, games, and football gear top the list, but there may be other items you hadn’t thought of yet. Start your shopping list with these ideas!

Hitch Umbrella

This is a must-have for all types of weather. A large umbrella that attaches to the hitch can block any rain in the forecast, as well as provide much-needed shade while in an open parking lot. It’s ideal for tailgating in every season.

Food and Drinks

You can’t have a great time tailgating without plenty of food and refreshments. Pack food for grilling, such as hamburgers and baked potatoes, along with lots of drink options. Don’t forget to bring water on top of your other drinks, to ensure everyone is hydrated!


An important, yet often-forgotten thing on the list is utensils. Bring your grilling gear, such as spatulas and tongs, as well as forks, knives, and/or spoons for the meals. Pack plenty of napkins, paper towels, plates, cups, and wet wipes as well.

Tailgating Games

Pre-game for the big game with some games of your own. Some of the most popular tailgating games include KanJam (frisbee game), beer pong, ring toss, horseshoes, and cornhole. Find out what your guests want to play and go from there!

Chairs and Blankets

Tailgating can last all day long. Make sure to bring plenty of seating options for you and your guests. This can include folding chairs, lawn chairs, and picnic blankets.

Sports Décor

Which team are you rooting for? Show your team spirit with themed décor, such as banners, flags, signs, shirts, utensils, and balloons. If you tailgate for multiple sports teams, keep your dé-cor neutral with generic football items.


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