Live Large in Small Spaces

Tiny homes and small space living have sparked a growing trend in downsizing and a shift to low-impact living. For many small space living means not only a reduction in space, but also in furniture and functionality. The assumption is that you now must choose furnishings that no longer meet the needs of your life and decorating style. Leading to the presumption of compromise if I have a smaller space I can’t have everything I want or need in my living space.

However, living large in small spaces doesn’t mean you have to forgo the dining room table, desk, chairs or storage. Be intentional in the planning of your space and finding the furniture solutions that meet your living space needs.

Keys to planning the layout of your space:

  1. Add Hidden Storage. Choosing furniture with built-in storage will limit clutter.
  2. Look Up. If you have the advantage of high ceilings the vertical perspective helps the room look larger.
  3. Add Mirrors. This is especially helpful when windows are lacking. The positioning of the mirror is key and gives the room a focal point. If place across from a window it can reflect the outside adding to the feeling of more windows.
  4. Add Plants. They add depth to the space and give the appearance of more space.

The Stakmore line of wooden folding furniture provides a solution to small space living by maximizing versatility, functionality and storage. This line of folding furniture makes a large impact and a small footprint on living space.

With the Stakmore extendable desk with ottoman you have a perfect piece functional furniture. The attractive design makes it a perfect fit for any style décor. While this furniture is functioning as a desk it houses three functional draws to aid in storage needs from desk to dining accessories. In addition, this desk comes with an ottoman that seamlessly stows underneath the desk taking up no additional space.

Whether entertaining, dining or hosting game night this desk easily expands up to three lengths to your desired table size to accommodate living large in a compact space. The Stakmore extendable desk with ottoman is a perfect example of multi-purpose furniture that folds in and out of your daily routine as needed.

In small spaces, no detail goes unnoticed so live large in small spaces with Stakmore wooded folding furniture. 


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