Fall Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces


Nothing says Fall is here like bright vibrant colored leaves, cinnamon and pumpkins. Small Space living can be challenging when trying to decorate for the look you want without being too cluttered. Limited space doesn’t mean you can’t fill your home with the warm inviting colors of fall in a festive and practical way.

Of course, the traditional seasonal décor that comes to mind are wreaths, staggered pumpkins up the stairs to your home, and centerpieces. These are some decorating suggestions to allow you to have that warm fall feeling in your home without compromising space.

  1. More Bang for your buck. Look for decorations that can be used for tailgating, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Saving you money and space. This will allow the decorations to take up less storage space and not break the bank.
  2. Mini Pumpkins. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. Adding various sized pumpkins to a centerpiece, tablescape, or exiting arrangements you’ve updated the look and feel of your home for fall.
  3. Colorful Fall Leaves. Fall Leaves are the perfect accent to your decorations. A mantel filled with festive leaves adds a focal point to the room and no additional space needed since you can weave the leaves around existing mantel pieces.
  4. Build Up Not Out. Building taller allows you to have that wow showpiece without having to give up space and helping the room to look larger.
  5. Keep it Simple. It’s important to have a main statement piece, the last thing you want is a whole lot of things to clutter up the space. In this case, less is more.
  6. Use the Walls. Use empty space on the walls to have that seasonal effect without using your living space. For example, putting some of those colorful fall leaves to hang over a picture or wall décor.

When planning your small space layout and décor make sure you have the right furniture in your home to help you achieve the desired look and feel. The Stakmore line of folding furniture has something for every style and space saving need.

The stakmore Expanding Cabinet is a must have for small space living. It stands as a hutch and when entertaining folds out to a table up to 89” long. The fall décor ideas can aid you in decorating this hutch with your fall favorites, and when extended you already have the centerpiece for the table. This stylish cabinet adds beauty and functionality to any home and stands ready for your fall decorations.

Small space living doesn’t mean small on the home décor be intentional and practical when decorating. Following these suggestions will help transform a small space into a warm and inviting place ready to welcome your guests.



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