Hosting The Holidays In Your Apartment?


For many living in the small space of an apartment, the small kitchen and limited area can be a big frustration. The holidays tend to add to that irritation when you’re trying to find space to cook and find space for all the people.  We’ve got some helpful suggestions for cooking, seating, and dining.

Cooking for Apartment Dwellers just got easier.

The Americana Wherever Dual Fuel Grill is perfect for apartments and small spaces. This outdoor grill fits on any balcony, patio or deck, and it easily transforms from electric to charcoal and back again. Best of all it’s portable and easy to store, so you can make use of this grill well beyond the holidays. Why fuss over lack of oven space when you can have the perfectly grilled foods for the holidays and haven’t taken up your whole kitchen?


Amaze Your Guests With Stakmore Seating.

Stakmore is your solution for holiday seating. Stakmore folding chairs offer a permanent look that folds for easy storage. If your going to invest in extra seating for the holidays, then make the smart investment with Stakmore. These Folding chairs provide the year-round solution to seating needs that that can be easily stored when not in use. Their versatility and stylish look make them a perfect addition to your apartment or small space.



Dining Has Never Been Easier With Stakmore.

The Stakmore Expandable Desk with Ottoman is a great solution for apartment dwellers that need a functional piece of furniture year-round and expands to a full table when needed. When not expanded this desk has three doors that act as storage, but when needed, it expands up to three lengths to 66.25” long. Instantly transform your Stakmore Expandable Desk to a dining table to accommodate all the guests and the food for the holidays.


Take some of the stress out of the holidays and make the most of them with Americana Grills and Stakmore Folding Furniture Solutions. Get your Americana Wherever Grill Duel Fuel and Stakmore Folding Furniture Solution today!



Americana Grills & Stakmore Furniture ~ Find your Holiday Solution Today! 





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