2019 Is Here and So Is A New Grilling Season!

2019 is here! This new year brings a new and delicious grilling season.  Are you prepared for grilling in 2019? This is an easy -to-follow guide to make sure you have the best grilling season yet.

Have the Right Grill:

Do you enjoy using the grill that’s been sitting outside for years with burnt remains of grilling years past? Then it’s time to get a new grill! Choose a grill that meets your grilling needs and style whether you prefer charcoal, smokers, electric or a dual fuel grill that’s more versatile. Why not choose a grill that gives you more options?

No Rusty Utensils:

Ask yourself, do I really want to spread what’s stuck in the brush back on the grill? Rusted spatulas and tongs don’t instill a lot of confidence in your guest who are about to eat some of that rust. Invest in some new and rust-free tools for grilling. The same goes for the grill brush.  If it’s crusted with years of burnt food and goo, it is time for a new one.

Who Say Grilling Isn’t Healthy:

One of the first things we do in the new year is make those pesky new years resolutions. Number one on that list is usually to eat healthier, but before you start to dread that resolution, remember you can grill it. Just about any vegetable tastes better with grill marks and goes perfectly with proteins you’re also grilling on the same rack. Adding some spices can also help enhance the flavor of what you are grilling. Grilled vegetables can help you get a good start to eating healthier and even enjoy it when you grill it.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation:

A common mistake when grilling is to start when the temperature is too low. The general guideline is to heat the grill between 300 to 400 degrees. Once you fire up the grill, wait at least 15 minutes before you begin cooking the food. Of course, there are exceptions when you slow cook food.  In that case, 200 degrees would be a safe temperature to start cooking.

Don’t Smoosh The Burger or Flip Too Much:

We’ve all done it when you flip the burger you give it a smoosh with the spatula. Resist the temptation to smash the burger patty. When you do that, you squeeze the natural juices out along with all the flavor. Flipping the burger patty too often can aid in the patty falling apart and becoming too dry. Wait 5 minutes before flipping the patty and when removed from the grill, allow it to rest for 5 -10 minutes.

Follow this easy-to-use guide to be prepared and have a great start to a new grilling season. Americana Grills can’t wait to help you have the best grilling year yet.

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