Attention: Did You Know Americana Grills Are Made In America!

Welcome to Meco’s Americana Grills! Meco has been continuously making BBQ Grills in Greenville, Tennessee since 1969. Now millions of grills later, people are still enjoying the quality and flavor found when using Meco’s Americana grills.  They key to our accomplishments as an American Manufacturer? Quite simply, “Success is not what you achieve, it’s how you achieve it, and that’s a tremendous part of Meco,” said Mark Proffitt, President of Meco Corporation. “By focusing on providing a quality product and service, by finding value in every customer review – positive and negative- and by being a good citizen within the community, that is how we succeed.”

Meco is home to some of the best grills you can find anywhere! Meco’s Americana Grills are manufactured here in America by American workers. With our business located here in the USA, and our ISO 9001 certification, our quality is unswerving with a highly trained and qualified workforce. You are supporting an American business like Meco your backing the foundation of a thriving US economy, supporting American workers, and promoting top self American Products. At Meco we’re working hard to keep Americans working!

Now Let’s Introduce You To Our Grills!

Charcoal Grills:

Americana Walk-A-Bout: This grill is designed to be  100% pre-assembled for easy setup and use for all your outdoor grilling needs. The grill also comes with wheels and a locking hood and bowl for easy transport and storage once the cooking is done.  Meco also offers a variety of other charcola grills, including Charcoal Tabletops & Stand Up grills, Water Smokers, and Dual Fuel varieties. Go to our website for a full product listing.

Americana Walk-a-Bout


Americana 2-In-1 Combo water Smoker: Americana’s Charcoal 2-In-1 Combo Water Smoker’s chimney-like design with a loose-fitting, vented lid and sliding doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. Smoke flow may be minimized, without extinguishing the smoking source, by shutting all vents and only allowing smoke to vent around the hood perimeter. Slow cooking feature allows for maximum flavor and moisture, perfecting a juicy and tender product with less effort. Don’t forget that with its interlocking hood and base, this smoker can be converted into a Lock ‘N Go portable Charcoal Grill. Our smokers are also available in Electric & Dual Fuel varieties. Go to our website for a full product listing.


Americana Electric Cart Grill With Two Folding, Composite-Wood Side Tables, Self, and Rotisserie: This Americana Electric Cart Grill with two folding, composite-wood side tables, shelf, and rotisserie comes with a three-position heating element giving you four Heat-Zone options from Searing to Rotisserie and everywhere in between. Real BBQ flavor with the ease and safety of electricity! No charcoal mess and no heavy propane tanks – just amazing BBQ flavor. Try adding hickory, apple, cherry, or mesquite wood chips to infuse your recipes with maximum BBQ flavor! The unique reflector pan design and 1,500-watt heat source generate temperatures needed to handle the thickest steaks and chops! Meanwhile, the stay-cool handle keeps your hands safely away from the grilling action. The durable high-temperature finish looks great on decks, patios, or your balcony. The 200 square inches of cooking surface lets you ‘grill-it-up’ for groups large or small. Meco also offers our Americana grills in Tabletop models, as Water Smokers, and Dual Fuel Smokers. Go to our website for a full product listing.

Americana Grills is celebrating Made in America this month by giving away a brand new Americana Grills Walk-A-Bout Charcoal Grill! Go to our Facebook Page for details!

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