Happy Labor Day Grilling!

Labor Day is the best time to grill over hot charcoal on your classic square Americana Grill! As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day, let’s take a moment to remember why we celebrate. Labor Day is a day to pay tribute to the American Workers who fought for and contributed to legislation for weekends off work, eight-hour workdays, lunch breaks, social security, and paid vacations!

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than spending some time with family and grilling their favorite foods? We can’t think of any!  Americana Grills is committed to making the grilling experience easy, fun, and delicious. To get you started, we’ve put together a few tasty grilling recipes to make the most of your Labor Day celebration.

Americana Grills has fresh and delicious recipes to get you outside and fire up your classic charcoal grill. The classic square charcoal grill from Americana Grills and it’s 332 square inches of cooking space is the key to summer grilling. Let’s face it, classic is better when it comes to grilling!

Labor Day Grilling Recipes:

Americana Grills has the perfect recipes for Labor Day Grilling!

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Burger:

National Hot Day can be controversial depending on what toppings you like on your hot dog. Chili & Cheese? Chicago-Style? Those who believe ketchup has not place on the hot dog! Whatever your style let’s come together to celebrate National Hot Dog Day!

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Grilled Wings:

BBQ grills and wings are a perfect combination. Wings are easy to cook and scrumptious to eat. Customize your wings to whatever flavor you’re in the mood for -BBQ, buffalo, sweet, spicy, or plain right off the grill. Let’s be honest – it is almost impossible to eat just one chicken wing, and why would you?

Grilled Hot Dogs:

Who doesn’t enjoy a grilled hotdog? The grill lines can be topped with almost endless possibilities of toppings with a taste that says “America.” Regardless, if you prefer a Chicago, Slaw Dog, New York, or Mustard & Ketchup style dog, it’s good eating.


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Happy Grilling From Americana Grills!

Fellow grill lovers, as you enjoy Labor Day with friends and family, you deserve the best grilled foods available, so make sure your grilling celebration is done on your Americana Grill!

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