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Happy Halloween Grillers!

Grilling is still in the air the Halloween! Nothing says Halloween like charcoal and the smell of grilled food so good it’s scary! What will you grill this Halloween? Burger’s, chicken, and pizza grill better on Americana Grills! So fire up your Americana Grill to cook some scary delicious dishes and share them with us […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Americana Grills!

Americana Grills is celebrating Thanksgiving with turkey, dressing, and all the fixings. When it comes to Thanksgiving, the turkey is the star of the show. Instead of the same roasted turkey this year, give your family and friends a grilled turkey. The turkey might be the showstopper, but don’t forget the sides. The Americana -Walk-A-Bout […]

Happy Halloween Grillers!

Happy Halloween Grillers! Nothing Says Fall and Halloween like the smell of charcoal and scary delicious grilled treats! How will you grill this Halloween? Don’t be caught in a nightmare and have to grill without an Americana Grill; that would be terrifying! So fire up your Americana Grill to cook some scary delicious dishes and […]

Happy Labor Day Grilling!

Labor Day is the best time to grill over hot charcoal on your classic square Americana Grill! As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day, let’s take a moment to remember why we celebrate. Labor Day is a day to pay tribute to the American Workers who fought for and contributed to legislation for weekends off […]

Grilling Season is HERE!

Summer grilling season is HERE! We at Americana Grills are pretty excited to help you kick off your summer grilling. There are a few things that ring in summer, like the sound and smell of charcoal-grilled food. Americana Grills has fresh and delicious recipes to get you outside and fire up your classic charcoal grill. […]

Jalapeño Cheddar Stuffed Burgers

INGREDIENTS 2 lbs. ground Beef 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon Garlic Powder 1/2 teaspoon kosher Salt , or to taste Black Pepper , to taste (fresh cracked if possible) 1/2 lb. American cheese, grated Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese or cheese of your choice Chopped Jalepenos 6 Hamburger Buns Optional  condiments: Lettuce Tomato Pickles Avocado […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Show the love and appreciation this Father’s Day with a few Americana Grills recipes hot off the grill. Help Dad be the king of the backyard and the master of the grill. Give dad the gift of being the envy of the neighborhood with an Americana Walk-A-Bout Classic Square Charcoal Grill. Dad can walk confidently […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Grilling this Memorial Day? We thought so! Americana Grills wants to make sure you and your family have the best grilled food. First, you must start with the right grill to have the flame grilled goodness that can be achieved with Meco’s classic square charcoal grill, the Americana Walk-A-bout! The Grill: The Walk-A-Bout is 100% […]

Happy Easter from Americana Grills!

The most notable way to celebrate Easter is the Easter egg hunt. Hiding colorful candy-filled eggs is a childhood memory we all have and enjoy. Another tradition is the Easter feast, which can include a wide range of dishes from spiral ham to leg of lamb and all the sides. We at Americana Grills like […]