BBQ Bacon Burger and Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Americana Grills introduces easy this Easy Recipe with Awesome taste! The BBQ Bacon Burger and Sweet Potato Chips are sure to please your crowd for any event.

Recipe: Ingredients


• 1lb. Ground Beef

• ¼ Cup BBQ Sauce 

• ½ lb. Bacon 

• ½ Cup Brown Sugar 

• Cracked Salt

• Cracked Pepper


• 1 large Sweet Potato 

• ½ Cup Brown Sugar 

• Cracked Salt 

• Cracked Pepper 

• Olive Oil 

• Ranch Dressing



Candied Bacon 

• Sprinkle and coat Bacon with Brown Sugar 

• Grill for 5 minutes on each side to desired crisp

Chunky chop 

• Mix Ground Beef, chopped Bacon, and BBQ Sauce 

Makes 3-4 patties depending on desired size


•Thinly and uniformly slice the spud (about 1/8” slices) 

• Drizzle Olive Oil on top 

• Sprinkle Brown Sugar on top and Salt and Pepper to taste 

• Toss spuds to uniformly coat w/ seasonings, then spread out on platter or cookie sheet

• Grill for 15 minutes on each side 

• Serve with side of ranch dressing for dipping

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